Student Affairs:

Secretary S.S.C.M.S is responsible for admission, advisory services, financial matters and records of students. Matter of discipline are dealt with by HODs, Principal and Secretary S.S.C.M.S. For extra curricular activities one senior professor is nominated with the principle and secretary S.S.C.M.S.

Extracurricular Activities

These activities help to build up healthy minds & physique of a student who play an important role in building up a prospering and successful nation. Like wise in this college extracurricular activities have lot of importance. They include:

Annual Picnic
Annual Milad
Day One
Poster Competition
Annual Sports
Annual Function
Farewell to First year
Dramas and Tableau
Student Week

Student's Health:

The College provides medical consultation services to all college students in out-patient department. Physical examination and basic immunizations are required by all students who take admission, to be carried out by Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences for Girls prior to admission.


Transport service will be available on specific routes on payment of scheduled charges. One Professor/associate is nominated to coordinate with the contractor.

Student Activities:

Students are encouraged to participate with staff and faculty in deliberations on academic affairs and extra curricular activities. Such participation is intended to simulate the students and promote their contribution to matter of institutional concern like management of complex issues, conduct of business in orderly manner and development of a spirit of team work and cooperation. Student activities are organized by Committees for Sports, Art and culture, Science and technology, Debates and publications etc. Student members on the Committees are elected annually from each class. A member of staff or faculty is assigned to each committee to provide guidance and interface with College. The activities of the committees are coordinated by the Professor nominated.

Financial Assistance:

The College will Provide scholarships to deserving students on the basis of merit and academic performance.

Students Councellors:

Students councellors are nominated from among the assistant professors and the lecturers to help the students about their administrative and professional problems. The students and class representatives can apporoach them at a mutually convenient time for any help or assistance required.

Class Representatives:

For a class of 100, two class representatives are required. One of them is elected by the class and the other nominated by the Principal/ vice principle on the basis of their merit in professional examinations. The class representative is expected to coordinate with the administrative staff and the HODs for any requirement of the class. Class representatives who violate discipline or fail in their examination will cease to be class representatives. Class representatives are permitted to meet the HODs directly and the Principle/ vice principle/ secretary SSCMS / director administration hospital through the student councellors.

Dress Code:

All students are advised to wear proper Pakistani dress. Students wearing jeans or any type of western dress should wear a white cote all the time while in the college or hospital.

Safe Custody of Personal Items:

It is student’s own responsibility to take care of the personal items like their Books, Wallets, mobile Phones and Laptops. Lockers are available in college premises for safe custody.

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