Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences for Girls has been sponsored by Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences Trust, dedicated to promoting health and medical education.

Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences has been established and now affiliated with Jinnah Sindh Medical University, with a view to setting up a "Centre of Excellence" in medical education. The sponsors are committed to funding an institution which would provide medical education of a high standard and also contribute toward character building of the students. In order to produce competent professionals, having strong academic background, eager and able to meet the challenges offered by the present society in the modern times, the first step towards achieving this objective is to ensure merit based admissions.

Establishing a medical & dental college exclusively for girls is to fill-up a major gap in the field of medical education in the megapolis of Karachi where there is no other college catering solely for the female students, who comprise about 50% of the population. This college, infact is the first of its kind in the private sector in Pakistan.

Texas Tech. College of Medicine,U.S.A. has agreed to collaborate and help in the establishment of Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences by providing advice on aspects of clinical and basic sciences and training of Medical & Dental Students. Similar efforts are under-way with other institutions and Universities abroad.

Our first batch of medical students passed out in May 2004, and the last batch in 2018. I thank God Almighty for making my dreams come true.

We hope to accomplish our mission by hard work, dedication of faculty members and faith in Almighty Allah.

Mrs. Afzal Begum