Attendance Rules

Every student shall be required to attend at least 75 percent of the lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical and clinicals in each subject in each class during the academic session, failing which her name shall not be forwarded to the Controller of Examination of the University for the purpose of appearing in the concerned university professional examination.

Students absenting themselves from college or hospital work, shall be liable to a fine of Rs. 500 per lecture, per demonstration or per practical class.

Repeated absence from lectures, practical-classes, seminars, and demonstrations or from hospital wards will make a student liable to be expelled from the college.

The margin of twenty-five percent of absence is intended to cover absence on account of illness or special emergency considered justifiable by the Principal. A written application should be sent to the Principal by the student or her parents or guardian, reporting her illness or cause of absence.

In all cases leave taken will be at students own risk so far as percentage of attendance is concerned. Even a medical certificate will not condone a deficiency in attendance. Sick leave even sanctioned on medical certificate leading to absence in an examination will mean failure in the examination.

The name of the student, who is absent without leave continuously for a period of four weeks, will be struck off from the college roll. In such a case she will have to re-apply for Re-admission and pay all necessary fees.

All irregularities, neglect of duties and breach of discipline and action taken will be brought to the notice of the Principal by the teachers under whom the student is working for necessary action.

Students who fail in supplementary examination are expected to improve their attendance in order to improve their knowledge and skill.