Continuing Dental Education Programs

The concepts and implementation of this orthodontic program will allow any participant to confidently start fixed orthodontics in the practice. The course covers the latest infixed orthodontic braces including the Straight wire System. The course is designed in such a way that the participant can easily understand the basics and will confidently be able to clinically incorporate fixed orthodiontics in the general practice.

Continuing Dental Education Programs

Prof. Dr H.r. Sukhia

BDS BSc DOrth,
MOrthRCS(ED) Principal (Dental Surgery)
Professor of Orthodontics.

Dr. H.R. Sukhia is a professor of Orthodontics & Head of Dental Section at Sir Syed College, Karachi. He has 18 years of clinical and academic teaching experience in dentistry. He is a registered specialist in fixed orthodontic braces. He was previously head of orthodontics at Jinnah Medical & dental College Karachi for yen years and is currently Principal Dental Section at SSCMS. He is the founder member of the Pakistan Association of Orthodontics (PAO) and is the president of the Sir Syed Continuing dental Education Society. He is a keen Active researcher in Orthodontics and general Dentistry with numerous national and international scientific publications.

He is also the author of the most wide selling local text orthodontic book for undergraduate BDS students titled " Student Orthodontics" distributed by paramount publishers. The 2nd edition book has sold more than25000 copies both nationally and internationally to date. He is the 2011, 1st prize winner of the prestigious Mena esthetics awards dubai for charity treated orthodontic case.

Introduction to Course Coordinator

Dr. Rashna H. Sukhia

BDS (Gold Medialist) FCPS FFD (Orth) RCSI MOrthRCS (ED)

Dr. Rashna Graduated from Fatima Jinnah Dental College Karachi as best graduate & Gold Medalist. She did her orthodontics fellowship training from Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi and currently holds a fellowship in Orthodontics from college of physician & Surgeons Edinburgh. She is assistant professor & Head of department of orthodontics at Sir Syed College of medical Sciences Karachi. She has over 10 International & National Research publications in orthodontic Journals and is member of the SSCMS Ethics & research Committee.