Department of Medical Education

The Main mission of medical education is to maintain and improve the quality of health care delivered by doctors to patients. This process is directly related to the quality of medical education, and nowadays there is growing concern among medical educators that conventional modes of teaching medical students neither bring out the right qualities in learners nor imparts a life-long respect for learning. In 1899 Sir William Osler realized that the complexity of medicine had already progressed beyond the ability of teachers to teach everything that students would need to know. Osler recommended abolishing the lecture method of instruction and is this way allows students more time to study on their own. Recent years have witnessed profound changes in political systems, epidemiological patterns, demographic transition, micro-economic strategies, technological trends as well as health care systems.

In view of change in the system of medical education, Sir Syed Medical College for Girls introduced workshops on regular basis conducting most pertinent topics from the year 2013. The SSCMS is fortunate enough to have leading medical educationists, and faculty member for DME functioning. Major events and conducting workshop is become a norm in SSCMS on monthly basis. At least two complete days from 0830Am to 0500 PM are devoted to medical Education Workshop.-

The Topics so far covered are:

  • Guidelines for writing Single best MCQs
  • Exercise on writing Single Best MCQ's
  • Problem base learning
  • Develop a Scenario on Problem base Learning
  • Workshop on Professionalism
  • Exercise on Professionalism
  • Curriculum
  • Developing a Curriculum on one subject
  • Assessment of competence
  • Table of Specification