Disciplinary Rules

All students will abide by the ethical and moral code and rules, regulations and instructions issued by the Principal or on his behalf by the teaching staff or class proctors appointed by the college administration.

  • Students should not make noise within the college premises. Students are forbidden to sing, whistle. Hoot, shout or indulge in any unseemly behavior or activity in college premises at any time.
  • Punctuality to class timings and proper discipline in classrooms, practical demonstration and tutorials should be of highest order.
  • No student is allowed to loiter and move around.
  • Every part of the college and hospital building shall be kept clean.
  • No wall fixtures, models, specimens or charts are to be pierced, defaced mutilated, or damaged in any way.
  • Any damage in any form caused by a student due to her negligence or deliberate intention shall be repaired at the expense of the student responsible for the negligence.
  • In case of voluntary or due to any reason withdrawal of enrolment by the student, college fee is not refundable even in case of cancellation of admission or rustication from college. Furthermore, withdraw! Of admission at any stage, the student is liable to pay college fee for all remaining academic years.
  • Any student found guilty of persistent violation of rules, shall be suspended, or can be rusticated from the college by the Principal.
  • The College is not responsible for loss of any property, valuables or jewelry of the students.
  • Use of liquor or any other forms of addiction is strictly prohibited in college and hospital premises.
  • Parents and guardians are expected to co-operate with the authorities of the college by prevailing upon and motivating their wards not to take part in any antisocial activity or any other activity against the college/hospital.
  • No student should address any conference including Press Conference, nor write to the press or media on a political subject or matter concerning the administration of the college/hospital.
  • No posters or banners can be displayed without the approval of the Principal.