Examination Rules

Our mission is to create an opportunity for aspirant female Medical & Dental officers for their Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, Cultural & Physical Development, in order to grow up as the best of Medical & Dental officers.

  • There will be two university examinations during one academic year, Annual and Supplementary modular system. Students who fail in Annual examination or do not appear in Annual examination due to any reason may be permitted to appear in the Supplementary examination, subject to clearance from JSMU time to time.
  • A student shall be eligible to appear in a professional examination if she fulfils the following conditions.
    • Has passed all the medical and dental subjects of the previous examination.
    • Has undergone the specified period of theoretical and practical courses for the said examination to the satisfaction of the department concerned.
    • Has attended not less than 75% of the prescribed number of lectures, practicals, and demonstrations in each subject for the class.
    • Has her name submitted to the Controller of Examination of the University by the Principal on clearance from the departments concerned?
    • Has passed the Sent-up examination (Pre Prof Exam) of the college.
  • Pre Prof/ Sent-up examination is held about a month before the university examination. Pass marks in the sent-up examination are 50%. Passing of Sent-up examination is essential to be permitted to appear in the university examination.
  • 4The minimum pass marks in each subject in the university professional MBBS and BDS examinations are 50% in theory and practical examination separately. Students have to clear both theory and practical to pass examination over all.
  • Students who are short of attendance at the time of annual examination will have to complete their attendance during the preparatory holidays or before the supplementary examination.
  • As per JSMU Modular Semester University Examination system all grading is calculated in terms GPA (Grade Point Average) for each semester and so forth. The conversion table is as under.

    Conversion Tables
    Percentage NG AG Percentage NG AG Percentage NG AG
    80 - 100 4.0 A+ 67 - 69 3.3 B+ 56 - 59 2.3 C+
    75 - 79 4.0 A+ 63 - 66 3.0 B+ 50 – 55 2.0 C
    70 - 74 3.7 A- 60 - 62 2.7 B- < 50 0.0 U
    NG = Numerical Grade
    AG=Alphabetical Grade
    U=UN Gradable

  • A student who fails or misses or is detained from a professional examination both in the Annual and Supplementary examination in any subject, shall not be promoted to the next higher class. She shall repeat the course of study in the subject in which she has failed/detained and again pay all the college fees including tuition fee, etc. for the same class in which she has to repeat. (Also see Page 39). This tuition fee has to be paid within one month of declaration of result.
  • a) For promotion from First Year to Second Year a university examination called First Professional MBBS examination will be held at the end of First Year.
    b) For promotion from 1st year to second year passing BDS 1st professional BDS examination is necessary
  • A student who is eligible to appear in examination but did not take examination for whatsoever reason shall be considered to have failed.
  • a) A maximum of four chances availed/un-availed will be allowed to a student to clear the First Professional MBBS I, university examination and four chances to clear the First Professional MBBS 11, university examination. If a student fails to pass the First Professional MBBS examination in stipulated period she will have to leave the college as per PM&DC rules.
    b) Four chances availed / unavailed are permitted to qualify 1st professional BDS examination.
  • Internal Assessment: As per requirements of the PM&DC, 10% of total marks of theory and Practical examinations in the University Professional MBBS and BDS examinations will be allocated to in-house assessment of the student.
    Exact% will be intimated before commencement of professional examination. This will be based on various Departmental tests, Practical work/ Assignments, discipline, overall performance of the student. The marks calculated will be adjusted in her Annual University examinations.
  • Examinations: In addition to the Annual and semester systems Examinations conducted by the University routine class tests are held by the Departments concerned. The college also conducts midterm and Pre-Professional Examinations. Results of Midterm and Pre Professional Examinations are communicated to the parents / guardians through the students. It is the duty of the students to apprise their parents of their progress in the academic field. Parents may contact the professor concerned or the Principal after prior appointment.