Department of Pharmacology

The Department is responsible for teaching Pharmacology and Therapeutics to 3rd year students. Theory consists of 100 lectures of an hour each. Training includes experiments on animals, observation of drug effects on patients, tutorials and seminars. Emphasis is given to clinical pharmacology and rational drug theory. The students are required to have knowledge of drugs that are usef ul in the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of human diseases ..

No Name Designation Qualification
1 Prof .Dr. Abdul Manan Shaikh Professor/HOD MBBS, M.Phil
2 Prof .Dr. Nirmal Das Professor MBBS, M.Phil
3 Dr. Afshan Abbas Asst. Prof. MBBS, M.Phil
4 Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Bukhari Sr. Lecturer MBBS, M.Phil
5 Dr. Humaira Samad Lecturer MBBS
6 Dr. Saba Hanif Lecturer BOS
7 Dr. Angabeen Anjum Lecturer BOS
8 Dr. Rabya Khaliq Qureshi Lecturer BOS