Introducing of Sir Syed Institute of Diabetes & Endocrinology

Sir Syed Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (SSIDE) inaugurated at Sir Syed Trust Hospital on 28th January 2014. Professor A Samad Shera was the chief guest on this occasion. Professor of medicine and HOD, Prof Zaman Shaikh was appointed as Director of the institute.

Objectives and goals of establishment of SSIDE.

  • To cater the patients with diabetes and hormone disease with standard treatment in the cost effective manner.
  • To provide postgraduate training to junior doctors in the field of diabetes and hormone diseases under one roof and to award them diploma including online courses.
  • To establish a research cell in the area of diabetes and endocrinology.
  • Various continuous medical educational programs will be organized for the awareness of diabetic patient.
  • Emphasis will also be given to the screening and preventive strategies.
  • Dialysis facility will also be available very soon.
  • Facilities will also be available to the patients with other hormones diseases besides diabetes, like thyroid disorders, short and tall stature in children, infertility both in males and females,, excessive hair growth in women, like polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  • To collaborate other related departments of the hospital to referral of diabetes and endocrine departments,, etc
  • To collaborate with CPSP for post graduate studies
  • To establish collaboration and to sign MOU with overseas institutes.