why SSCMS ?

SSCMS is the first Medical and Dental college exclusively for girls in the private sector. Establishing a medical & dental college exclusively for girls is to fill-up a major gap in the field of medical education in the megapolis of Karachi where there is no other college catering solely for the female students, who comprise about 50% of the population. This college, infact is the first of its kind in the private sector in Pakistan.

SSCMS and Texas Tech. College of Medicine, U.S.A. has agreed to collaborate and help in the establishment of Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences by providing advice on aspects of clinical and basic sciences and training of Medical & Dental Students. Similar efforts are under-way with other institutions and Universities abroad.

At SSCMS we set ambitious goals for ourselves. As part of one of the Pakistan’s premier academic and urban research college, our mission is nothing less than to shape the future of our profession. We’ll do so through dedication and learning, the foundations of our educational programs. And in this great endeavor, our students are key participants.
That’s why we seek talented, highly motivated applicants for all of our academic programs.

Here are the kind of individuals we’re looking for:

  • Students who want to contribute.
  • Students who are looking for hands-on experience.
  • Students who are compassionate.
  • Students who thrive in a supportive, cooperative environment.
  • Students who are citizens of the world.
  • Students who stand out.

If you qualify for any of the above Join NOW !!! Team SSCMS awaits YOU

SSCMS with a wide range of issues pertaining to a student’s life at the campus such as coordinating admissions, examination, accommodation, financial matters, research and extra-curricular activities.
We at SSCMS regard career building as an important responsibility. In addition to individual counseling we holds seminars and workshops to increase general awareness of the professional pathways available. It is extremely important that the students become fully aware of future prospects and career pathways. Unless the students possess the awareness and make timely decisions a great deal of time is wasted and the community loses the services of a talented professional.
SSCMS career fairs are held to apprise students of possible career pathways in clinical and basic fields besides research, public health, pharmaceutical & insurance industry etc. Renowned personalities in respective fields are invited to provide career counseling to students. Students are also subsequently given opportunities to meet with the best in the field professionals and obtain career guidance on one to one basis.