Goals for Short and Long Term Strategy

These goals will serve as the basis for efforts to fulfil its mission and achieve its vision for the future in teaching, research, clinical practice and service.

Short Term Strategies and Objectives

The college in view of the local, national and international standards for medical and dental education in Pakistan and globally has set out targets and approach to achieve these objectives and goals for the betterment of Medical and Dental Education by the end of year 2022 are as follows:

  • To improve the quality of education by introducing reforms and new initiatives in curriculum formulation, textbook and instructional materials development, teacher training, examination and assessment and monitoring and supervision by 2022.
  • Meeting the learning needs of the students which include learning tools (knowledge, skills, values and attitude) by 2022.
  • Prepare continuous and lifelong learners by 2022.
  • Institutionalize uniform, valid and reliable examination system by 2022.
  • To strengthen basic education through teacher training, use of information and communication technologies, better coordination, integrated curriculum, improved examination and assessment system and strict monitoring and supervision by 2022.
  • To recruit competent, capable and committed scholar-teachers purely on merit basis at all levels of education by 2022.
  • To standardize and institutionalize teacher training arrangements, accreditation and certification procedures and processes in compliance with the National Standards for Teachers by 2022
  • To review and reform the assessment and examination system to make it compatible with the national and international needs and standards by 2022.
  • To create an effective environment of high quality research for faculty and undergraduate students by 2022
  • To promote regulated and monitored Public-Private Partnership for educational development by 2022.
  • Character building with ethical values relevant to all human beings by 2022.
  • Providing knowledge and skilled training focusing on community needs by 2022.
  • Promote culture of research and innovation by 2022.

Long Term Strategies and Objectives

  • Quality assurance of academic programmes by 2027.
  • Establishment, Expansion, Strengthening and Capacity Building of institutions and organizations related to Education and Health by 2027.
  • To produce highly educated and technically skilled manpower as per demand and requirement at national and international levels by 2027.
  • To introduce new disciplines, emerging sciences and technologies to equip the students with the latest knowledge, skills and competencies by 2027.
  • To improve and strengthen college community relationship by 2027.
  • To increase the access to community oriented education through expansion of primary health care centres by 2027.
  • To enhance the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for expansion of quality of education by 2027.